GMS is a telecommunications company with the knowledge and expertise to install state of the art communications technology into your business.

Founded in 1984, GMS has managed to stay on the cutting edge of the technological changes within the telecommunications industry.

We provide superior service through our experienced professional technicians and installers.

Whether you’re a small business with four or five employees or a multi-billion dollar corporation, GMS can handle your telecommunication needs.

Recent Posts

Put Your Foot on the Accelerator in the Age of Digital Communications

The business world is changing at a rapid pace—and as more companies embrace full-on digital capabilities, a solid performing network infrastructure is the key to success. People expect instantaneous communications, whether it’s via text message, video conferencing,...

Make Your Business Scalable

When it comes to home computing, people often get frustrated when they buy new products because they know that they’ll have to upgrade in a few years. It becomes an endless cycle of buying and then upgrading because the original system you put into place has become...

Safe and Secure?

Don’t be fooled, the safety and security of your network infrastructure is the most important part of your business. Many growing companies are happy to have what they consider a solid network setup, complete with VoIP and video conferencing capabilities. They get a...

Taking Password Security Seriously

Security camera systems are increasingly internet connected, driven in part by the demand that customers have for remote video access to their surroundings. The types of systems range from cloud-managed surveillance systems to traditional systems connected to an LAN...

Keep Your Wireless Network Safe and Secure

The expectations for a wireless network are so immediate that we often forget there are risks involved in its use. As a general rule, routers contain a variety of security holes that can leave your data exposed to experienced data hungry hackers and intruders. While...

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