About Us


GMS was founded in 1984 under the name of GMS Telephone Services, INC. and began when deregulation of the telecommunications industry in 1983 created a new business opportunity for (4) former Bell South / ATT employees. In 2012, GMS formally changed its business name to GMS Business Communications, INC to reflect the ever changing telecommunications industry which had evolved from basic phone systems to the more complicated network cabling structure and fiber optic cabling now required for high speed networks and communication.

Our technicians have on average 25 plus years of industry experience and have seen the telecommunications industry explode with new opportunities due to continuous advances in technology. GMS keeps its techs up to date with the latest tools, training and certifications needed to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction.

In addition to network cabling GMS also offers other telecommunications services including, video, for close circuit surveillance systems, phones system installation and maintenance, paging and consulting services.

GMS has worked in a wide range of industries including Government, Healthcare, Transportation, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Retail among others. At GMS we are telecommunications experts with the knowledge and expertise to install and maintain state of the art communications technology into your business; making every workday a more productive and profitable one.

Company Policy

Our policy is to provide the best service possible at a fair price consistent with responsible business practices.